Chronicles of Gaja

Session 10

Father Dumas informs the party that there’s an hidden undead legion awaiting below Corvis, but the fearsome warriors are asleep, and only a ritual performed with the Witchfire can awake them.

The party goes to Corvis to deal with Hellstrom about a reward, and once they find an agreement, they’re directed to Devlyn Bain, a powerful sorcerer who can perform the ritual.

Unfortunately, Devlyn shares his soul with a demon, who will certainly take control if Devlyn is under stress. The only way to release him from this curse is to obtain the Umbral Spiral, a magic tome hidden in the Corvis University.

Due to this issue, the party suggests that Alexia complete the ritual, and they travel back to the farm where Thug-ray is hiding with the Witchfire. Alas, there’s no trace of the priestess at the farm, and the party is forced to go back to Corvis, since the only one powerful enough to trace her seems to be Devlyn.

The party enters the University, and retrieves the Umbral Spiral, but only after Kairon sacrifices himself by falling victim of a deadly trap.



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