Chronicles of Gaja

Session 11

On their way out of the library, the party is met by the Librarian, who introduces them to Arun, an half-orc monk that will help them in their mission to free Crovis.

Kairon is lost, and Morrka announces her intention to leave the party, to seek for a way to save Kairon.

The party delivers the Umbral Spire to Devlyn Bane. While he’s performing the ritual to get rid of his “curse”, city guards attack his home. The party takes care of them and of their Mind Flayer ally.

After completing the ritual, Devlyn is now ready to help the party. Unfortunately, Thug-ray and the Witchfire are still missing. The party travels to the Undercity to investigate, but eventually all clues point back to father Dumas.

The party goes to visit the old priest, and finds out that Thug-ray delivered to him a broken Witchfire. It seems she was wounded by the sword, and a fragment of the blade was “absorbed” by her body. Being severely wounded, Thug-ray decided to make haste back to New Bael-Turath.

Alexia tells the party that without the missing fragment the ritual to summon the undead entombed under Corvis will not work. The party leaves the city, to reach Thug-ray before it’s too late.



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