Chronicles of Gaja

Session 12

The party reaches Thug-ray on the road, and bring her back to Father Dumas. The priest performs a ritual to purge the shard of Witchfire contained in her body, but the spell does not have the desired effects. Thug-ray is alive, but there’s no trace of the shard.

While she ponders on this, Alexia sends the party to retrieve the hammer of Duteous, which is said to be needed to open the door leading to the Legion of Lost Souls. She reveals that the hammer is located in the tunnels below the Gatormen’s Temple. The party travels there, and after fighting a few giant worms they reach the room where a giant, engraved hammer is half-buried into the rock. After several hours of digging, the party recovers the huge hammer.

As they rest from the hard work, they start to think of a way of transporting the hammer back to Corvis.



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