Chronicles of Gaja

Session 13

The party manages to smuggle the Hammer into the Undercity. When they go back to Father Dumas, they find an emissary from New Bael-Turath, Tulip, waiting for them. He handles a message to Gavrel, but the wizards keeps the contents secret.

Alexia performs a ritual on Thug-ray, to free her of the shard of Witchfire still embedded in her body: the dark priestess does not survive, but the shard is recovered, and Alexia re-forges Witchfire!

The party and Alexia go to the Vault where the undead legion is interred, and thanks to the Hammer and the Sword, they awake the undead, and send them to march on Corvis. War is on the streets, and while Alexia enters a magical duel against the wizard Vahn Oberen, the party takes advantage of the spreading chaos to pillage a few choice shops, and then to smuggle into the Castle.

There, they reach the treasure room, empty the Royal Treasury, and leave the place, trying to avoid the battle outside. Prompted by Gavrel, the party returns to the empty Vault of the Undead, where they recover a huge brass ring, apparently needed by the tiefling wizard.

With their bags full of stolen gold, the party abandons Corvis to its fate, as the undead horde kills every living creature.



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