Chronicles of Gaja

Session 4

After denying any involvement in the grave-robbing, Alexia leaves. Sting shadows her until she enters a secret passage to the city’s catacombs. The party follows, and into the catacombs they discover signs of necromantic magic, and several papers tying Alexia to foul rituals. They also discover a map of Fort Ryker, probably Alexia next destination.

While they explore the catacombs, they meet Alexia, who imprisons them behind a magic glass wall, revealing to them that her revenge will soon be complete. After she leaves, the party manages to escape the catacombs, and report to Father Dumas, who does not believe in Alexia’s involvement.

The party leaves the cathedral, and are contacted by Capt Julian Hellstrom, Corvis’ Watch Captain. After learning that Alexia has set her gaze on Fort Ryker, the Captain hires the party to go and check what is afoot. The party leaves Corvis, bound to Fort Ryker.



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