Chronicles of Gaja

Session 7

The party enters the temple, now inhabited by a tribe of Gatormen. As they delve deeper, they discover several groups of undead fighting against the Gatormen guardians of the Temple.

Eventually, the party finds Alexia and her minions near the core of the temple’s power, a huge pillar of light occupying the center of the structure.

Undead fight against gatormen, while Alexia tries to complete the ritual to resurrect her mother. The party disrupts the ritual, but is forced to retreat temporarily.

Upon returning, they find Alexia is the only survivor of the struggle. The party tries to forge an alliance with her, but she will only accept if four of the party members will surrender their souls to her to complete the ritual.

A battle ensues, where Alexia is defeated, and forced to jump into the pillar of light, dissolving into the luminescence.

Her sword Witchfire, and the corpse of her mother, lay at the party’s feet.



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