Chronicles of Gaja

Session 8

Thug-ray recovers the evil sword, Witchfire, and then the party leaves the Temple to go and reap their revenge upon the Gatormen village. They slaughter the humanoids, and recover their stolen goods.

Back on the Fortune, the party travels back to Corvis, only to find out that the city has been conquered by a Lord Raelthorn, apparently allied with the dark mage Vhan Oberen.

Every ship entering the docks is checked by the occupying soldiers, who are looking for Witchfire.

The party sneaks into town, and makes contact with Captain Hellstrom, who is still in charge under the new regime, but secretly plots to free Corvis from its conquerors. Captain Hellstrom hires the party to infiltrate the Jailhouse, and free Father Dumas, who has been imprisoned for his efforts in defending the city.

The party enters the jail, eventually finding the cell where Father Dumas is kept.



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