Chronicles of Gaja

Session 9

The party retrieves Father Dumas, and Sting, who was also captive, and all together they make their way to a nearby forest, to lay in hide.

Back with Hellstrom, they deliver Dumas, and Gavrel and Kairon are sent to deliver a message to inform the Empire that the old king has taken Corvis. The adventurers decide to leave Corvis and keep the sword Witchfire.

They hide in an abandoned farm a couple of miles from Corvis, but are harrassed by small groups of undead. Eventually they send a message to the Capital, reporting about the situation. In Corvis, they are now wanted men (tieflings…).

No answer comes from the Capital, so the adventurers rethink their plans, and try to forge an alliance with Hellstrom to kill the conquering king. Dumas, Alexia, and a few guards arrive at the abandoned farm to deal with the party.



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