A thousand years ago, the continent of Gaja was a land dominated by the fiendish empire of Bael Thurat and the dragonkin race of Arkhosia. For 1000 years the endless conflict between devils and dragons changed the landscape of hundreds of miles, the face of the earth, the color of the sky, while the three seas became red with the blood of thousands of lives.

Then, one day… a greater enemy, strong and greedy, like vultures above a field of corpses, glided over the greatness of the two armies so close to the final battle and maybe the total self – annihilation…. the humans. With their battleships they invaded Gaja from the south, sailing from distant lands, and when the time of the final battle between tieflings and dragonborns came, looking at what was left of both side, they decided to give them a last chance to be colonized in peace, or spend the rest of their days in chains.

But there is no honor in being stolen of their instincts, not for the dragons, nor for the devils, so… the day came where the Great Lizards and the Noble houses of Bael Thurath, for once decided that the prime enemy was not the one that they fought for centuries, but the one that was totally unknown to them.

So, they fought, united…and they lost.

Left in a land where no crop could grow anymore and no river could wet their lips, Arkhosia and Bael Thurath became phantom-cities, and all memories of those two glorious empires, suddenly forgotten. Cities became ashes, temples ruins, and a century later, nobody could find any sign of that greatness so long gone. Dragonborns appeared in the armies of the Empire with their still glorifying the power of the dragons, tieflings ruling a different kind of realm, living in the shadow and praying to the devils that once they have served.

Harvested till nothing was left, the cities of New Arkhosia and New Bael Thurath are now growing again, and this time they both that the enemy is not only the one that they’re used to know.

Chronicles of Gaja

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