• Alexia


    A raven-haired beauty, with a haunting look.
  • Arun


    A hulking half-orc, with a greenish tint to his skin, dressed in simple farmer clothes.
  • Capt. Squint

    Capt. Squint

    The Captain of the river barge "Fortune"
  • Despair


    Heavily armoured, and armed to the teeth.
  • Devlyn Bane

    Devlyn Bane

    An Occultist from the Order of Illumination
  • Father Dumas

    Father Dumas

    Though he is a man of only 40-some summers, his hair is completely gray and his features are craggy.
  • Gavrel Ashbound

    Gavrel Ashbound

    Reddish-brown skin, black hair, dressed in dark purple robes.
  • Julian Hellstrom

    Julian Hellstrom

    A well-armored, gruff captain of the Corvis city watch.
  • Kairon


    Pale-red skin, dark hair, thin and clad in dark clothes.
  • Morrka


    She grins mischivieously, while agile hands create illusions in the air.
  • Sting


    Two glowing red eyes stare at you from the deepest shadows...
  • Thug-Ray


    Fiery hair, perfectly shaped, an evil gaze piercing your soul.
  • Tulip


    Brown hair, gaunt, silent.
  • Vahn Oberen

    Vahn Oberen

    Red-robed, a palpable aura of powerful magic surronds him.